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Ensuring the Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction

VIP Cleaners has been here since 2008 Dry cleaners can be found at every nook and corner of San Diego, but a professional dry cleaner is really very hard to locate and the simple reason behind this fact is that, not all of them follow the standard norms of rendering the desired level of service to the customers. It takes pain to harness the skill of providing exactly what the customer expects and of course a lot of experience in understanding the customers needs and matching up to their expectations.

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VIP Cleaners

We take pride in a job well done

We at VIP Cleaners are dedicated to consistently providing excellent service to our customers, by always putting them first. We are committed to continually producing high quality products while furnishing an enjoyable relaxing atmosphere, because we take pride in a job well done - excepting nothing but the best.

The consumers choice of San Diego County

We can be found in three locations - at 1878 Rosecrans St., 855 Morena Blvd., and 4021 Avati Dr. in San Diego. We provide reliable, efficient, flexible and affordable dry cleaning service for virtually all items of clothing, whether everyday wear or special items of evening wear or wedding attire. Our staff, combined with our in-house technology and expertise has brought VIP Cleaners to the forefront of our industry and our position as one of the best dry cleaners in San Diego, CA.

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  • Easy

    Simple pick up requests

    Email - drycleanersvalet1@gmail.com

    Text +1 619-304-0202

    Phone +1 619-207-5000

  • Free Delivery

    Free Route Pickup & Delivery Service to your door or office

    Route 1 Monday/Thursday

    Route 2 Tuesday/Friday

  • Reliable

    No need to be present for pickups or deliveries.

    No minimum spend

    Notified by email when to expect your garments back

    Alterations, dry cleaning, wash & fold available

VIP Cleaners & Laundry Services

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Wash & Fold
  • Same Day Service
  • Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Alterations
  • It’s simple, easy and hassle free!


James A.
“When VIP Cleaners opened, I thought they would be like everyone else. But I was wrong. It is very clean, and they have friendly staff. They also do an excellent job, in taking care of my wardrobe. I am very impressed and give this place a FIVE STAR Rating!!!”

James A.