VIP Cleaners Services

Dry Cleaning

You work in your profession to achieve excellence and so do we. VIP Cleaners would like to extend a helping hand by being the dry cleaner of your choice. Our services can also offer you a discount on your cleaning needs by providing special rates to our long term customers.

Our Shirt Process

  • >> The average cleaners does 60 to 75 shirts per hour to make a profit we do 25 in the same time
  • >> We take out the collar stays to prevent visible impressions on the collar
  • >> Stain Removal as needed (we remove the toughest of stains delicately and carefully)
  • >> If necessary, button removal prior to cleaning to prevent cracking or breaking
  • >> Hand Washed (on request) when machine wash no more the 20 shirts are cleaned at a time
  • >> Hand Pressed no shine seams on dark shirts
  • >> Collars and cuffs are pressed to exquisite perfection
  • >> Your preference of starch or no starch
  • >> Based on your preference, your shirt can be folded and boxed or hung and covered

Pickup and Delivery Service - (619) 207-5000

When you require quick and promt service, VIP Cleaners is one of the most trusted providers. Call us at (619) 207-5000 to confirm pickup and delivery in your neighborhood.

Requests to pick up your clothing at ant of out three locations. It’s simple, easy and hassle free!

Same Day Service

It’s simple, easy and hassle free!

VIP Cleaners offers same day service on dry cleaning, wash, dry and fold and even laundry service. Try us... we will even give you a free laundry bag!

So whether you're on Campus, at work or home - your garments can be returned within 24 hours.

Save precious time by letting us do your cleaning!

Laundered Shirts

    VIP Cleaners provides great value when it comes to laundering your shirts. We'll pre-spot your collar and cuffs, check for spots, sort by colors, designate your starch preference, wash with enzyme detergents and use special additives to remove body oils if needed.


    Whatever your shape or size, our expert tailor can fit your garment especially for you with our made-to-measure service. VIP Cleaners will ensure that the fit is perfect for your shape and size, and that you end up with a unique garment made to fit your shape, style and personality.